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Right now this is a company of one.  However, I have worked at several places that when I left they had to hire several people to replace what I you could say that I employ three unique individuals...Me, Myself and "That Guy".

Here are 10 things about me

   I work...way to late into the night because I can't let anything go until it's right and yes...I don't golf.


   I rarely nap...if you find me slumped over my desk be careful to disturb me.  Sometimes I get a little cranky when my arms fall asleep.


   Some people say I'm OCD.  Excuse me...that's not true.

It's CDO...which is alphabetically correct. 

I can fix just about anything and I also like solving problems, but I really don't like fixing anything that has not been maintained properly.
People that drag their feet make me very uncomfortable...literally and figuratively.
Quick fixes are like band-aids that don't stick.
Talking is overrated and listening is a lost art.  I'm into fine works of art.
I like driving in the fast lane and really strong coffee.  Finding a lasting solution takes time.  So...lets slow down a bit, have some coffee and figure out how to make this work.
I like to laugh.  A good joke is like a fine wine...tastes great with a smooth finish.
I prefer to imagine the possibilities, research the potential, put to test all alternatives and then settle on what I see in the mirror.
This is for the people who can count to 10...
I don't like boxes.  They're never big enough.  You can arrange everything to fit inside but there is always something that doesn't fit so it has to be left out.  That is exactly why I refuse to work inside one.
Pete Anthony
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